Why Granite is the Perfect Material for Countertops in New York?

Friday , 14, February 2020 Comments Off on Why Granite is the Perfect Material for Countertops in New York?

You may wonder why granite is such a popular material for countertops. First and foremost, look! Granite comes in several stunning colors and is regarded as one of the most beautiful stones in the world.

Installing stone countertops in New York are not only timeless, but also durable and virtually maintenance-free, economical, and environmentally friendly. But many people do not know the benefits of having a granite countertop.

Granite is a natural stone and comes from the Italian word "granito", meaning grained. It is igneous, essentially molten magma that cooled and then hardened under the earth's surface.

As you may be aware, the diamond is the hardest material. Granite is the second. Ask any stone fabricator what they use for fabrication of granite in their shops and their answers will be consistent diamond blade!

It is for this reason that granite is a very durable material. Additionally, you can set up a hot pot on the granite peaks without worries. Granite is one of the most heat-resistant materials you can have.

Contrary to popular belief is not very expensive granite. With the new technology available for the miners and fabricators of granite, granite costs have dropped dramatically in recent decades. Keep in mind that it has been around and has been used since, well, the Stone Age.