What Are Orthotics? The Basics

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For many people, the term ‘orthotics’ does not ring a bell, but even though orthotics are not so familiar with other fields in the study of medicine, it is legitimate and medically recognized or accepted.

What are Custom Orthotics?

The term comes from the Greek word “ortho” meaning to straighten. In this case, orthotics filed pertains to the medical field of health care allied or profession concerned with the development, design and architecture, fitting, and ultimately manufacturing of orthoses, which includes different devices created for musculoskeletal disorders properly or support, and disability, in the human body.

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There are several sciences that contribute to the orthotics work, including anatomy, physiology, gait analysis, materials engineering, and even psychology in some cases.

The complex orthosis is recommended for patients who have suffered serious physical disorders, such as stroke, spinal cord injury or cable, palsy (and other developmental disabilities) of the brain, spine Bifida (and other congenital abnormalities), and others. Health professionals who practice orthotics called orthotics, and they work to allow the muscles, tendons, and bones of the affected areas to function at their maximum potential.

Orthotists also work to prevent defective parts of the anatomy – usually the legs or feet – from getting complications, increasing the stability and strength in unstable or injured joints, and improve the quality of life in the totality of each of their patients.


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