Video test: Webwag against attack! the WOD tested for you!

Tuesday , 13, March 2018 Comments Off on Video test: Webwag against attack! the WOD tested for you!

I wanted to test webwag for a long time, but I restrained myself because I knew that the wait would be worth it … and I must say that I was not disappointed.

First of all I have to be honest with you: you will not see in this test all the traditional functions of webwag for a simple reason, strangely my screenshot software interferes with webwag does not allow me to film certain module refresh see even the creation of a tab!

But rest assured what you will see is very interesting: the WOD

This is the Widget On Demand, at first I was suspicious … create its own customizable module in a simple way, I found it not really possible and limit demago … and that’s the big surprise, click on the video test for see it with your eyes. because it is not a question of creating a custom widget … but a path to the holy grail, the real way to simplify the RSS …

Go to any website, select the area you want to “capture” in your webwag and that’s it! you have just created a widget, in my example, you will see how you can do without RSS feeds for all your favorite sites and see how to create customizable widgets and bluffingsimplicity!

The small defects of the beginning are settled, webwag becomes more and more a challenger of size at the techno level, there are still some imperfections at the level of the design and the ergonomics, but with their WOD, they come to create an innovation that the powerful netvibes had not yet ….

1-1 ball in the center … the year 2007 is preparing a good match where the user will be the only winner.