Video interview: Dylan Goubin, founder of

Tuesday , 10, July 2018 Comments Off on Video interview: Dylan Goubin, founder of

You know Dylan through Niobe, his online backup company, yes it is he who is behind the loyal sponsor blogdebezier, so I visited him to tell us about his adventure … and what an adventure!

Dylan is not the traditional startup entrepreneur, but an adventurer “the hard way”, newbie has been in existence for 4 years and is following a normal progression, no fundraising, no flashy ad, an effective and innovative solution that continues to grow thanks to broadband and very high-speed future, we will talk together about his business, whether it feels a little “startup” or so totally apart, from how to find his place in this new market, his career and then a little particularity that also differs from other startup creators … he has no partners and he does not want it! He will tell us why …

Note that Dylan and I met at the conference “LeWeb3”, you see, we always meet exciting people at these conferences!