Understanding Proper Surgical Wound Care

Thursday , 9, April 2020 Comments Off on Understanding Proper Surgical Wound Care

With advancements in the field of medical practice, many technologies are applied in closing off surgical wounds. In the old days, only sutures were utilized for this function, nowadays, physicians also have started using clips, staples, and skin glue. 

Some of these might be used to close off the muscle tissues and the remainder used to close off the skin layer, depending on the wound. If a physician used staples or sutures, removing them should be painless, depending on the proper injury care you've performed.

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Post-operation, the wound will be covered by a bandage to alleviate pressure and protect it from contamination which may infect the wound. The surgical dressing is usually removed after the first day. 

Having a nurse or physician remove the surgical dressing after the initial day. Later, daily cleaning and bandage replacement must be performed as needed. 

When doing so, one's hands must always be washed with water and soap. The dressing table must also be clean and contaminant-free-you would like to keep the wound clean and not present things that could cause an infection

The significant problem related to improper sound care is infection. A number of the tell-tale signs of the disease include excessive pain at the affected region, blood or pus discharge, disagreeable odor, and swelling and intense redness. 

If these are observed, contact your doctor immediately and schedule an appointment. If a patient has diabetes, then be aware it could also impact the recovery period. Knowing proper wound care is surely the best approach to ensure that any surgical wound heals well and on time.