Tips On Finding a Quality Boarding Kennel For Your Cat

Friday , 3, April 2020 Comments Off on Tips On Finding a Quality Boarding Kennel For Your Cat

Every cat owner who went on vacation was faced with the dilemma of what to do with their feline friend away from home. Sometimes you luck out and are able to find a family member, friend or babysitter professional cat who is able to care for your feline in West Bloomfield. Other times, the neighbors and friends may not be available and you will need to explore another option like Cat boarding.

Putting your cat in the hands of a stranger can be a bad idea at ease. But it should not be. Find a kennel that will provide the care and attention your cat deserves, it will take a little work and personal visits to study each facility. For more information you can search for cat boarding st petersburg FL via

One of your best sources for finding a large kennel is referrals from or your veterinarian. Once you have referred to two kennels, take a walk.

When you visit the kennel be aware of all the elements of the boarding facility. Here are some questions to keep in mind:

  • The grounds appear well cared for and without waste?
  • Is the building well maintained?
  • When entering the facility are warmly welcomed?
  • Is it clean? A clean smell?

Ask to see the cat boarding operation. It should be in a separate area called Kennels. It should be well lit and each cat must have its own enclosure. Each cat should have a sufficient area between the area of food and water from the litter box.