Tips For Choosing Safe Fireworks On Diwali

Monday , 13, January 2020 Comments Off on Tips For Choosing Safe Fireworks On Diwali

Diwali is a day of celebration for family and friends no matter which part of the world they lives in. It is a festival or lights that brighten everyone with happiness. Diwali is accompanied by lots of fireworks that look beautiful when in active in their best form.

However, along with fun activities has come a very serious repercussion. On Diwali occasion, each year burning firecrackers causes a number of cases the victim in the hospital. More than half of these accidents related to the eye injury.

Thus, it is very important to protect the eyes when out celebrating with fireworks. If you are looking for fireworks for sale then you can navigate

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A recent survey conducted by an independent research organization revealed that –

  • One-third of eye injuries caused by fireworks result in permanent damage of the eye
  • A quarter of the injuries that result in permanent blindness
  • One of the twenty-one victims has to actually remove their eyes hurt so as to avoid the spread of infection
  • During Diwali, special bombs and rockets crackers which cause the majority of eye injuries, however, also sparkling light can cause eye injuries

One surprising revelation of this survey stated that more than 70% of all eyes harm caused during Diwali due to fireworks occurs in children under 15 yrs of age. While fireworks may fancy kids, they do not come with a warning that is understood by children. Thus, many times, due to negligence, serious accidents caused by damage can be repaired.