The Scope of Church Organization

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To understand the church's organization, we must first consider the scope of the organization.

Human plays a key role in the church organization.

The scope of the Organization of the Church

1. The Church of the New Testament Pattern

Over the years, there have been those who have argued that any organization within the church is a matter of spiritual decline of the original practice and the church model. The church of the New Testament, it is bound, directly dependent on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and therefore had no need of an organizational structure. Nowadays, many organizations have started providing online services and you can get started easily at the comfort of your home. 

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Others felt that even with the New Testament itself, we have a development of the original ideal, free and unstructured (as we might find reflected in the Corinthians correspondence) to a little more realistic organization with church officers and a systematic way to run the church issues we find in Paul's letters to Timothy and Titus.

2. The historic church model

The New Testament gives us three classes of men who are considered leaders of the local church: bishops, priests and deacons. According to Acts 6: 1-6, deacons took care of material and financial side of Church programs such as the collection and distribution of relief. The bishops and priests regulated the spiritual aspect of the work of the church, worship and discipline. 

In the second century, we see the rise of what the late Bishop Charles Gore called "Monepiscopacy", which is the rule of a bishop in each congregation.

The need for the organization Church

The organization of the Church is necessary in that it is consistent with the nature of God. God himself is ordered. He is a God of organization. Nature itself provides evidence of how God is organized. The skies are beautifully shaped. 

The Old Testament record reveals how God organized Israel care for his stay in the desert. The New Testament shows how Jesus always in his task. We also see that the first church organized itself for the task committed to him.