Take Care of Your Pearl Earrings

Thursday , 26, September 2019 Comments Off on Take Care of Your Pearl Earrings

Pearl jewelry such as a pair of pearl earrings or a necklace probably the most appreciated in your jewelry collection. Special attention to the care of your pearl earrings will ensure they will retain its original shine and provide years of enjoyment.

Rough handling, improper cleaning, or exposure to foreign substances can easily damage your property value and reducing their original beauty.  You can buy earrings from various online sources.

One of the foreign substances can be a chemical found in cosmetics today. Hairspray, perfume oils, and the body can also be an enemy of pearls. Do not take the chance of excessive spraying hairspray or perfume mist comes in contact with them.

It is highly recommended when preparing for your pearls evening you should be the last item you put on, and the first item you take off when returning home.

Avoid unnecessary contact with the outside elements that could endanger the beauty of your pearl earrings. Avoid smoke-filled rooms and any other environment where you might put them in danger.

Take it to the Cleaners

Pearl earrings should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth at the end of the night and also need to be cleaned periodically. When that time comes, do not use any jewelry cleaner. It may be too hard and causing damage to pearls.

There are special cleaners are available mainly for pearl earrings. Be sure to follow the label directions carefully. After cleaning, make sure the pearl earrings are completely dry before putting them in the original storage container.