Stone Sealing In Melbourne: What You Need To Know

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Sealing stone is important because it adds protection to your stone surfaces. The sealer cannot be seen as it is transparent. It seeps into the stone, hardens and prevents any damaging liquids from penetrating into the stone. 

Stone Sealing Melbourne

Stone Sealing In Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city in Victoria. It is the renovation capital of Australia. New homeowners are buying these old home in the suburbs and renovating them and leasing them out. There is no better way to add value to a home than to use natural stone to decorate it. Homes in the inner city of Melbourne were built with natural stone like marble, limestone and sandstone. Over the years, these houses become run down as people get older. Young people come along and buy these old homes and require stone maintenance. This is where stone sealing plays an important role. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an old home. If you have any stone surfaces, you will need stone sealing Melbourne services. There are many  stone care experts in Melbourne. This means you will be able to shop around and get the best quote for your stone sealing job. 

Image of stone floor in Melbourne

The Stone Sealing Process

  • There are different types of stone sealers. make sure you use the correct sealer for the type of stone. 
  • The stone may need to be polished or honed prior to sealing. This will help to remove any surface stains and other damage. 
  • Sealing stone surfaces should be done every 1-2 years.
  • The stone surface should be cleaned and dry before sealing. This should be done at least 24 hours in advance. Sweeping the surfaces should be done before the time of sealing. 
  • Protect areas that are not being sealed with plastic. 
  • Apply sealer to the stone 2 times. The second time just before the first coating is dry. 
  • Leave the sealed stone surface to dry for 2 days. 
  • Once the stone has been sealed, it will have an excess sealant that will need to be cleaned off. This can be done with a towel. 

Cleaning stone surface

stone surface that has been sealed

Image of stone sealing