Some Quick Knowledge on Asbestos

Wednesday , 5, August 2020 Comments Off on Some Quick Knowledge on Asbestos


The definition of asbestos goes like this; a thin crystal and fibrous like material that is easily visible especially during its natural state. This thin material though is known to be extremely delicate where one touch can force the material to get crumbled and then get mixed with the atmosphere. In the construction industry and in the earlier days, asbestos was seen to have a huge in demand. The popularity grew since it had some of the best properties in terms of having high strength, resistant to chemical, fire, heat etc. In terms of being around, many archeologists managed to discover asbestos about 4500years ago.

So, why was there a ban on asbestos? – The banning was led due to an individual from United Kingdom who was supposedly passed away in the 1900s. A few years down the line, researches working for American Medical Literature made a confirmation that asbestos indeed lead to a disease called mesothelioma. And after more research, asbestos was considered to be a hazardous material.

So, what makes asbestos dangerous? – Many studies by researchers revealed that asbestos contained 2 important minerals called amosite and crocidolite. These minerals when accumulated inside the lungs lead to diseases related to the lung such as mesothelioma, lung cancer etc. Once an individual undergoes treatment related to asbestos has no guarantee about how infectious the diseases are which could lead to be fatal in some people.

With this short knowledgeable information about asbestos, it is important to stay away as much as possible. If you find one in your home town of Newcastle, asbestos removal should only be carried out by a professional.