Sir Walter Buffalo Turf – Best Turf Solution For Residential And Commercial Properties

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These days, there are several types of natural grass turfs available in the market, but only a few of them are able to survive in the tropical harsh weather and thrive to be green, healthy, and soft.

One such robust natural grass is Sir Walter turf, which irrespective of the weather, can thrive to be green, healthy, and soft. You can also look for qualturf for the best Sir Walter Buffalo Turf.

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Sir Walter turf is the only natural grass turf that bears Plant Breeder's Rights and requires a license to grow. To ascertain whether Sir Walter turf is genuine or not, the purchaser is provided with a certificate of authenticity from the fully licensed turf farm.

The certificate of authenticity not only ensures that Sir Walter turf is genuine, but it also guarantees that the turf received is of premium quality and in top condition.

  1. Capability to thrive in severe climate
  2. Ability to sustain its green color and soft feel throughout the year even in scorching summer, chilling winter, and pouring rains
  3. Easy to maintain with no special skills needed to manage the turf
  4. Helps save on water bills as it requires minimal watering when compared to other varieties
  5. Natural resistance to fungi, weeds, and other grass diseases
  6. Less maintenance turf since it demands little fertilizing and mowing
  7. Robust and can sustain drought
  8. Environmentally friendly grass with self-repairing properties

Sir Walter is the best lawn solution for residential, as well as commercial and recreational purposes. Not only is it robust, but it also has great aesthetic value for both commercial and residential properties.

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