Polyester Industrial Yarn, Low Melt Fiber

Friday , 24, January 2020 Comments Off on Polyester Industrial Yarn, Low Melt Fiber

Many fiber companies are active in basic fibers in polyester, polypropylene, and elements in addition to technical yarns in polyester and polyamide, and plastics in PET and PP. An international network across raw materials, machines, and finished products make these companies unique.

Polyester Industrial yarns are broadly applied to industrial fabrics. The high tenacity and when required low shrinkage properties have achieved global recognition for consistent and higher quality. To know more about the best polyester mesh online you can search the internet.

Polyester high tenacity fiber is used for great-performance purposes where tenacity is the critical variable with Den 200 — 6000 dens, intermingled, tangled, and multi compact up to 220.000 Dtex, Dope dyed color, very low elongation, abrasion-resistant, adhesive triggered, low elongation.

Their program comprises webbings, cordage, deep-sea moorings, narrow fabrics, ropes, nets, slings, strapping, geotextiles, firehose, hose, seatbelts, filtration.

Low shrinkage polyester fiber is used where tenacity, yet a very low heat shrinkage is required with 200 — 2000 den, Reduction from 1.6% – 3.5%, Mixed, twisted and multi compact up to 220.000 Dtex, very low shrinkage, HMLS, glue activated. Its program includes PVC coated materials, tarpaulins, tire cords, filtration, firehose, Geotextiles.

High modulus low shrinkage yarn is specially created for record with higher performance with the features of 1000-1500 den, Intermingled & twisted features.

Its program includes tire cord, conveyer belt, canvas. High tenacity PA6 yarns are used for industrial applications where high tenacity and moderate elongation is required with attributes like 840 — 1890 den, Intermingled. Its program includes nets, ropes, strings, narrow fabrics.