Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment

Tuesday , 28, January 2020 Comments Off on Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment

Most patients complain of the pain of bunion and usually use this as the first symptom that prompts him/her to seek medical help. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to lessen the pain of the bunion aside from the use of prescribed analgesics. You can browse sites like to know the ways to cure bunion without surgery.

Basic non-surgical bunion treatment procedure is to apply slightly cold packs for 30 minutes when pain is felt. The application of cold packs may visibly reduce the redness and swelling.  

However, its relief is temporary and cold packs are not really advised to be used every minute for continuous relief. Continuous application of cold compress will lessen the flow of blood and will stiffen the blood vessels on the affected foot.

Bath salts (particularly Epsom Salts) may also be used every time you clean your foot. It's relaxing and relieves pain substantially. In addition, you can also use oil massage to lessen both the pain and size of the bunion. But like cold compresses, the relief is temporary.

To correct the abnormal misalignment of the foot, your doctor may ask you to wear insoles or surgical shoes. This is important because most bunions are caused by abnormal foot structures when walking. The insoles and the surgical shoes aim to protect the bunion from more pain and to correct the misalignment as well.

Always remember that the main goals of this footwear are to provide more comfort and rest for your foot. In line with this goal, you may not be allowed to wear tight shoes for 3-6 months and high-heeled shoes for up to one year.

Another Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment is the medications. Medications commonly used to ease the pain and swelling brought by bunion are anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. If you consult a naturopathist, an herb called Marigold may also be recommended for the same purpose.