Know About Diabetes Disease

Thursday , 26, March 2020 Comments Off on Know About Diabetes Disease

Diabetes disease can be defined as a chronic disease associated with obesity, heart disease and a worse outcome than some infectious diseases.

Diabetes interference occurs at higher sugar levels than healthy blood and can lead to some unfortunate results, including blindness, kidney disease, and heart disease. But there are three key messages that should not be overlooked when it comes to these major health challenges. If you are looking for diabetes medications list app then you can navigate

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Global and regional, two-thirds of the poorest the hardest hit, when it gets to the burden of diabetes. To give this concept some form if we look at China today, one of two populations is expected to diabetes or at risk. Looking back at 1980, one out of a hundred has the disease. Today if we observe, the facts reveal that Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Africa have some of the highest levels of diabetes in the world today.

The next logical issue is why and there are no easy answers. In some parts, it is because of the dramatic variations in diet and behavior observed today throughout the world, including globalization and westernization of diet and lifestyle.

In some zones of global, this is due to a lower level of health literacy, as well as under-resourced training and health systems and prevention devices while in some others it is because poverty limits access to healthy food is often more expensive and the diabetes drug.