Ibogaine Detox Treatment: Leading To Drug Free Life

Wednesday , 5, February 2020 Comments Off on Ibogaine Detox Treatment: Leading To Drug Free Life

A drug addict is not only ruined his life but also brought suffering to their families. Ibogaine detox treatment therapy has been making people live a drug-free, healthy life. This Ibogaine detoxification process helps in curing almost all drug addiction.

ibogaine therapy

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What is Ibogaine? It is a natural alkaloid obtained from the Iboga plant found in Africa. The root bark is used to extract ibogaine from the factory. Research has shown to have withdrawal symptoms and decreased reliance on medications with a single dose. effectiveness in depression also finds great apps recently.

Ibogaine therapy is a step by step process in which-

• First test base such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, etc. is done and the patient asked to fill out a consent form which is very important.

• The test dose is given to the patient at first to examine every possible form of allergy

• If the patient does not show adverse reactions dose of the test, only then a full dose is given and further treatment is done

These steps are common to all the different clinics but may change but the basics remain the same throughout the treatment.

Many clinics offer treatment for drug addiction, but Ibogaine Clinic ensures the risks and side effects of free detox therapy utilizing 99.5% pure ibogaine medically approved to treat patients.