GMO Foods Contain Harmful Substances

Monday , 23, September 2019 Comments Off on GMO Foods Contain Harmful Substances

Genetically Modified Organisms are created by taking a gene from an organism (plant, animal, bacteria or virus) and insert them into an organism that is not related. In order for cells to receive other cell organisms, they must ask for help from bacteria or viruses.

A cell will only accept other genes an organism when it has a virus/bacteria; if not, it is rejected. GMO will never occur in nature and can cause major environmental risks. At least 70% of the food store preparations containing Genetically Modified Organisms and food companies are not required to label that foods made with GMOs.

These GMO foods contain many risky chemicals which will cause many health problems. There are some lawyers who are working to help people who are suffering from disease due to these GMO foods. They help them to get some financial compensation.

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Monsanto Roundup Cancer Warning

The only way to know you do not eat GE food is to eat 100% organic food. Each GMO is prohibited in organic food. The most frequent food genetically Modified corn, soybean, wheat, canola, and cotton; but there are more.

Here is a very simple example of how the GMO was made:

Roundup is a product that is used to destroy weeds and any other unwanted plants. It works by blocking certain enzymes necessary for plants to grow, thus killing the plant. To prevent this, they took DNA from Roundup and inject it into the DNA of wheat using bacteria/viruses (such as cauliflower mosaic virus).

This process is the same for corn, soybeans, canola, etc. This is what is known as Roundup Ready seeds! The problem also becomes greater as the seed is a cross-contaminate non-modified seeds more. It makes you wonder why people experience more issues with food and why we become more toxic.