Finding the Right Person to Prepare Your Taxes

Tuesday , 26, November 2019 Comments Off on Finding the Right Person to Prepare Your Taxes

Choosing the right person to prepare your taxes may not be as simple as it sounds. Tax preparation is a very important and personal matter. If you hire someone with a little experience, they can lose substantial tax credit or deduction. Worse yet, they can jam you with the IRS.

You also need to consider someone who has expertise in a particular individual tax preparation niche. Maybe you are a traveling salesman who does 1099 or an on the road truck driver. Both of these examples require tax preparation out of the norm and you would be better off with someone who is most familiar with your specific tax situation.

If someone promises a huge refund before they even look at your tax situation, head for the hills. There is a problem here. Not everyone gets a refund. Someone doing taxes and promised everyone a refund is doing something that is not valid.

Make sure the person who will prepare your tax returns trained. tax preparation is very complicated. In the hands of someone less than adequately trained, your income tax return can be a nightmare. Most importantly, check to see that the person's training recently.

Tax laws and guidelines change almost every year. The person doing your taxes must have taken recent training to update them on any new changes or changes in the tax code. Make sure that the person who filed income tax returns you offer some sort of assistance or protection audit.