Dog Toys – An Important Element for a Happy Healthy Dog

Wednesday , 9, September 2020 Leave a comment

Dogs easily become bored when they are trapped inside by the cold weather and without the proper dog toys and chew toy stimulation, they can quickly become destructive. With winter fast approaching, you may already be dreading those long, cold days stuck in the house with your beloved pets. The good news is that there are many tools available to keep your dog entertained, happy and most of all keep them from destroying the homes and possessions.

First, you need to understand why the behaviour of the dog can be so destructive. The real problem lay with us humans. Initially, dogs were born and survived in the wild where they were naturally active and kept busy hunting for food and protecting themselves.

Unfortunately, when we domesticated them, their lifestyles gradually became sedentary as they were brought into our homes and fed out of bowls instead of hunting for their food. To compensate for their lack of natural activities, it is necessary to provide plenty of doggie toys and chew toys to keep them entertained and properly stimulated.

There are several choices for dog toys available now and some of the newer puzzle toys are just the stimulus your dog needs to keep busy and out of trouble. Unfortunately, if you do not supply your dog with toys to both fill their day with constructive activities and satisfy their need to chew, they will likely find your favourite pair of shoes and create their own chew toy! 


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