2 Ways on Getting to Bohol from Manila

Thursday , 17, October 2019 Comments Off on 2 Ways on Getting to Bohol from Manila

Bohol is one of the popular islands in the Philippines, which is located in the Central Visayas region and is neighboring Cebu City.

Bohol is accessible via air and sea. The speed and expense involved in getting to Bohol from Manila depends on your budget. Direct flights from Manila to Bohol's Tagbilaran Airport can get you there the fastest, but riding a passenger liner from Manila to Tagbilaran Wharf may prove to be more cost-effective.

Here’s two ways for you to get to Bohol from Manila.

Getting to Bohol by Air

Tagbilaran Airport serves both domestic and international flights into the island of Bohol. The airport is located in the island's capital near the western coast.

Also, you can choose to fly from Manila to Mactan-Cebu International Airport near the city of Cebu, which happens to be only a two-hour fast ferry ride away from Bohol.

Chose this option if you want to make a side trip to Cebu before you go to Bohol.

The Philippines' Cebu Pacific can fly you to Tagbilaran and Cebu from throughout the Philippines and from Singapore's Changi Airport and Hong Kong's HKIA. Other airlines servicing Tagbilaran airport includes AirAsia and Philippine Airlines.

Getting to Bohol by Sea

Getting to Bohol by sea can be done from both Manila and Cebu. It is possible for you to get to Bohol directly coming from Manila, and the trip would take 28 hours for you to arrive at Bohol.

From Manila to Bohol – the shipping line 2Go arranges once-a-week voyages to Bohol's Tagbilaran City. Scheduled voyages depart from the Eva Macapagal Super Terminal at Pier 15, Manila South Harbor. The voyage takes about 28 hours to complete. Passengers disembark from Tagbilaran City Wharf.

Alternatively, you can visit Cebu first before heading to Bohol, and there’s a lot of boat carriers to take you from Manila to Cebu. After your side trip to Cebu, you can then proceed to going to Bohol.

From Cebu to Bohol – travelers can take fast ferries that disembark at either Tagbilaran or at the more northern port of Tubigon.

Cebu to Tagbilaran, Bohol – Fast ferries take 2 hours to travel from Cebu's port area to Tagbilaran City. SuperCat, OceanJet, and Weesam Express travel this route regularly. SuperCat and Weesam depart from Cebu's Pier 4; OceanJet departs from Cebu's Pier 1.

Cebu to Tubigon, Bohol – Travel from Cebu to Tubigon is about 30 minutes shorter than the Tagbilaran route. Fast ferries to Tubigon depart from Cebu's Pier 3. Travelers heading to Tubigon can book trips on board MV Starcraft and MV Sea Jet.

Transportation within Bohol

Both Tagbilaran Airport and Tagbilaran City Wharf are located within Tagbilaran City limits. Outside the arrival areas of both ports of entry, you'll find plenty of vans for-hire, tricycle drivers and taxis to take you to your destination.

And if you have booked for a hotel accommodation, a pick-up from airport would have been included for your hotel accommodation and you just have to communicate with the hotel you are staying to pick you up from Tagbilaran Airport or Tagbilaran Wharf.